Travelling digital cultures

What happens when, in a centre focused on the digital culture, you can attend in the same afternoon to a talk on Indian dances, parkour and architectural design of social centers? It happens that academic debates like, for instance, those on the concept of culture (or digital culture) are put to work in practice and suddenly, suppressive things start to happen. Put in plain words: which is the relation of digital culture with Indian dances? The point is that the concept of digital culture has to be completely reformulated as we have to forget about digital technologies, even more, we have to forget about the digital and about the technologies and start to think in the body, start to think about far and distant locations and…

So, how do we trace back the relation of Indian dances and parkour with digital culture? Well, in this particular case the relation is based in the notion of commons that it is commonly expresses as this kind of “things that does not belong to anybody and belong to everyone”. A key inspiration of his common is the free software. So, this is the starting point to arrive to Indian dances and parkour: free software. Now, we have to trace the journey, and here is when we start to find the most interesting issues, in all the complex and multiple translations (in Latour terms) that take place in terms of practices, narratives, places, persons and artefacts when we are doing this journey from the free software to the Indian dances and the parkour. How is it possible to imagine this analogy, between what happens in the free software and the Indian dances? Who imagine it? Which are the consequences in practice of this journey? This is the point, this is the journey we are embarked on.

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April 2024